Joana Schneider creates spacious installations and sculptural environments that present a sustainable contact with organic materials while shedding light on local creativity and industry. Schneider’s material-based approach pays tribute to labour-intensive techniques and makes the Dutch craftsmen central means throughout her oeuvre. Her intuitive working process is inspired by traditional working practices such as netmaking in the fisheries sector or roof thatching with reed.

Schneider’s playful use of exceptional materials merges with her love for the textile craft. Techniques such as embroidery, passementerie and tapestry making became her speciality whereby combining them with traditional techniques of netmaking such as the sailmaker‘s palm, pluis netting and dolly knotting. Her spacious, sometimes uncanny installations appeal to the viewers’ senses in many respects: visually, tactically and through it natural smell.

Her work has been shown internationally in exhibitions and fairs such as the PULSE Art Week Miami, Enter Art Fair Copenhagen, Masterly Milano, Sainte Anne Gallery Paris and PAN Amsterdam. The Amsterdam based artist, Joana Schneider, is represented in the Netherlands and Denmark by Rademakers Gallery.

Exhibitions/ Fairs


Pan Amsterdam, Rademaker’s Gallery, Amsterdam NL (upcoming)

Sainte Anne Gallery, Spatial Green Garden, Paris FR

Enter Art Fair, Rademaker’s Gallery, Copenhagen DK

Art Rotterdam, Rademaker’s Gallery, Rotterdam, NL



Enter Art Fair, Rademaker’s Gallery, Copenhagen DK

Grün, Galerie Handwerk, Munich, GER

Soft, Rademaker’s Gallery, Amsterdam NL

Art Rotterdam, Rademaker’s Gallery, Rotterdam, NL



Volta, Rademaker’s Gallery, Miami US

Pan Amsterdam, Rademaker’s Gallery, Amsterdam NL

Big Art, Rademaker’s Gallery, Zaandam NL

Circl ABN AMRO, Rademaker’s Gallery, Amsterdam NL

Ventura New York, Rademaker’s Gallery, New York City US

Kunstrai, Rademaker’s Gallery, Amsterdam NL

Solo Show Qade, Rademaker’s Gallery, Rotterdam

Design en Textiel, CB Kamer, Amsterdam NL



Campina, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven NL

How & Wow, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven NL

Young Sprouts, SB Kamer, Amsterdam NL

Team Frank, Corrosia, Almere NL

Graduation Show, KABK, den Haag NL\

Exposed, Elektriciteitsfabriek,den Haag NL



2018: Bachelor of Textile Design, Royal Academy Of Art, The Hague


Awards/ Stipends

Mondriaan Fonds artist start 2020 – 2021

Keep An Eye Award 2018

KABK Department Prize 2018


Publications (selection)

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Joana Schneider

KNSM-Laan 556 Amsterdam

+31 620632207

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